CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR – Club on Holiday !

The club will be closed for members’ meeting on Thursday 27th December ’18 and also Thursday 3rd January 2019.

We welcome everyone back to our first club meeting of 2019 on Thursday 10th January at 7.30pm.

We also invite any non member with an interest in Photography to come along.


Wishing you a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year on the 1st !





The club will be taking part in a competition being run by the Fife Free Press  Please see the note from their reporter to the club :

“It is called ‘My Fife My Town’ and I am looking for people to take a photo in Fife – it can be scenery, a landmark or even something with people in it – a photo that best sums up their town or village in Fife.

It can be anything – and I am looking for some creative snaps!

I have managed to secure a fantastic first prize for the best picture – an overnight stay at the five star Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews. The best photo will also be framed by a picture framer in St Andrews.

The competition has already launched and it is running all summer until August 10.

There will be an email address in the paper where people are advised to send their entries to.

I am looking for as many different pics as possible and people are allowed to enter three pics per person.

I know there will probably be lots of photos of the bridges on the Forth but I am looking for people to think out of the box and come up with something a bit different.

Can you please tell your members about it please?

The competition will also be in our other Fife papers next week ie the Glenrothes Gazette, East Fife Mail, Fife Herald and St Andrews Citizen.

Look out for information in the Fife Free Press! “



Glenrothes Camera Club, in partnership with Voluntary Arts Scotland and Fife Cultural Trust, are embarking on an exciting project this spring that aims to shine a spotlight on creative groups in Glenrothes and the surrounding areas – and would like to invite you to take part

More about the project . . .

The #LoveTo photo project aims to profile the everyday artist, and consists of a #LoveTo digital gallery on Flickr that features individuals and groups that ‘get creative’ for the love of it. The aim of this gallery is to:

  • Illustrate the wide variety of creative activity that takes place in communities across the country
  • Showcase the different types of people that take part in creative activity
  • Share the positive benefits that creative participation can bring
  • Demonstrate the value of cultural groups to funders and policy makers in a visual way

As part of Voluntary Arts Week 2016 (6-15 May) – an annual festival that celebrates creative participation and profiles the cultural groups that bring creativity to communities across the country, Glenrothes Camera Club will bring together a #LoveTo photography exhibition in the Kingdom Shopping Centre.

The Glenrothes #Loveto photo exhibition will feature photographs of cultural groups that meet in Glenrothes and the surrounding areas, from knitting clubs and music groups to amateur dramatic clubs and heritage societies, to profile the wide range of groups that meet locally and share some information about them.

Once all photographs have been taken, Glenrothes Camera Club will then curate an exhibition to be displayed in the Kingdom Shopping Centre for the duration of Voluntary Arts Week (6-15 May). An interpretation panel will be positioned next to each photograph which will provide more information on your group and details of any upcoming performances or meetings that you would like to invite people along to.

How your group can get involved . . .

Glenrothes Camera Club are now looking for cultural groups to feature in the exhibition and are keen to hear from groups that would like to participate.

Taking part would involve having a group portrait taken by a member of Glenrothes Camera Club, with your usual meeting/rehearsal space as the backdrop. We are also keen to bring together a series of individual ‘double portraits’ that would consist of a photo of someone at work and a photo of their creative side to be displayed alongside each other i.e. Dentist by day / member of an orchestra by night, Plasterer / amateur potter, Policeman / coordinator of local knitting group.

If you would like to get involved as a group and/or have a suggestion for the ‘double portrait’, please email Cassandra as soon as possible to express your interest in taking part at or ring 0131 561 7333. Please include:

Group name and contact details (email and phone)
Group address – your usual meeting place (with postcode)
Link to a website or Facebook page if you have one
A preferred time/date for the photo shoot – this might tie in with your next meeting/rehearsal

Once we have heard from you, we will pass your details on to Glenrothes Camera Club who will be in touch to arrange the photoshoot.

What taking part could do for your group . . .

Taking part in the Glenrothes #LoveTo photo exhibition is a great way to:

Raise the profile of your group locally – there will be an exhibition opening and lots of footfall, which will help flag-up your group to local people that might be interested in joining or attending your events. We will also be working with local press and media to shout about the event and the groups involved.

Invite new people to join you – Voluntary Arts Week encourages people to discover the creative groups that meet on their doorstep, and taking part in the #LoveTo photo project is a great way to link in with the week. You could also take this opportunity to put on a special ‘come and try’ event sometime during 6-15 May) that you can list on the Voluntary Arts Week website and publicise as part on the exhibition – we will have a ‘what’s on’ notice board that you can use.

Get a great photo of your group – that we will send you after the exhibition to use on your own publicity (with a credit to the photographer).

Meet other groups – taking part is also a great opportunity to meet other groups working locally.

Useful links

Voluntary Arts Scotland –
Voluntary Arts Week –
Glenrothes Camera Club –
Fife Cultural Trust –

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this project further, please contact Cassandra at or call 0131 5617333.
Mick Strefford



Some Ramblings on Image Size and Aspect Ratios

Some thoughts on the size of your sensor and the size of your images.
It is pertinent if you are using online or external print services to make your prints.
Not as important if you are printing at home (with home printing you don’t have to stick to conventional print sizes)
If this confuses you – and it probably will! – it took me a while to realise the significance of aspect ratio versus resolution versus finished print size, then come along to the club next Thursday to discuss it.

First lets consider the sizes of todays common sensors, the crop DX and full frame FX.
Although Megapixel count will indicate the relative size of your image, what matters is the RESOLUTION of your sensor.
A typical DX sensor with a 24 MPixel sensor will have a resolution of something like 6000×4000 pixels.
A good quality FX sensor with 36 MPixels will have a resolution of 7360×4912.
The COMMON FACTOR in both sensors DX and FX is the ASPECT RATIO.
Both sensors produce, straight from the camera, images with an aspect ratio of 3:2.
Simple maths proves this:
6000×4000 : 6000/3=2000, 4000/2=2000 – aspect ratio = 3:2
7360×4912 : 7360/3=2454, 4912/2=2456 – aspect ratio = 3:2

An important thing to consider when composing your image in the viewfinder is that if you are going to print your image for a conventional size print – then you have to imagine a 4:5 or a 4:3 ratio image in your 3:2 viewfinder!

This needs a bit of explanation …..

A common printing resolution is 300 ppi (dpi)

A dx sensor will give you an image of 20×13 inches (6000/300ppi = 20 inches x 4000/300ppi = 13.33 inches)
A fx sensor will give you an image of 24×16 inches (7360/300ppi = 24 inches x 4912/300 ppi = 16 inches)

So what is the significance of this bit of information?
Your sensor is 3:2 aspect ratio
Most common conventional print bureau sizes are 4:5 or 4:3 aspect ratio.

To get all of the information you want to show in your image – you are going to have to crop the 3:2 ratio to 4:5 ratio so it will fit the printers common print size specifications.

So the saying “fill the frame with your image” might not hold true for this scenario. You have to leave enough room around the outside of your image when framing it to enable you to crop it to the correct aspect ratio for printing.

Do This – find out the size of your sensor in pixels. Divide each measurement by 300 (or 240 or whatever resolution you want to print your image) to find out the maximum print size. Decide what dimensions you want your finished image to be. (Lightroom has a great tool – an overlay – that you use in the CROP menu to accurately size your image to the appropriate aspect ratio.) Photoshop will let you specify the ratios or dimensions and ppi/dpi setting in its crop tool.

The bottom line is – if you are going to be printing/finishing an image to a certain set of dimensions, consider the aspect ratio of the finished dimensions compared to the aspect ratio of the native sensor, and leave room around your intended main subject to allow cropping – it will save a lot of grief deciding which bits you are going to “crop out” to fit the finished print size.

Food for thought!

An Evening with Colin Prior at Crieff Camera Club

On Thursday 17 Sep a delegation from our club spent a very pleasant evening enjoying the hospitality of Crieff Camera Club who had invited us along to a presentation by one of the Worlds Top Landscape Photographers, Colin Prior.
Colin entertained us with stories from his early career and how he progressed through different genres via underwater, aerial and landscape photography to become possibly the most knowledgeable Scottish Landscape photographer.
A few of us had been to hear Colin on occasions in the past, but had never heard of his earlier exploits, so it was all the more interesting to find out something new.
There was also a very interesting display from Loxley Colour, showing off the outstanding quality of their work, which caught the eye of some of our newer members, whom I am sure will soon be availing themselves of their services!
An enormous Supper Buffet of succulent savouries and tasty sweet treats was provided and subsequently devoured with gusto!
A huge “Thank You” to The President, Secretary and the Committee of Crieff Camera Club for putting on a splendid evenings entertainment.

Results from our First Open Competition of 2014-2015 are in!

The club held it’s first Open Competition on 6th November. There was great excitement because it attracted over 80 very interesting images which seemed to indicate that the final results would be very close indeed.
Our judge for the competition was Rikki O’Neill FRSA MPAGB, a photographer and digital artist of international repute. His comments and suggestions were well received and his selection of the winning entries in each section proved to be popular with all members.
Congratulations to the following members who were awarded top marks in the following categories:
Colour Print Competition – Brian Lawson
Mono Print Competition – Tracey Taylor
Projected Image Competition – John Law

The league table has been uploaded to the Competitions Page.

Preparations for our entry into the upcoming 4 way competition have been completed and our entry is in the hands of the hosts for this years competition in St Andrews.
We look forward to your support for this competition, details of venue and “car sharing” for attendees will be published nearer the date. Let’s try and get as many members as possible along to the judging!

f/8 and be there!

Mick Strefford
Club Secretary