Glenrothes Camera Club, in partnership with Voluntary Arts Scotland and Fife Cultural Trust, are embarking on an exciting project this spring that aims to shine a spotlight on creative groups in Glenrothes and the surrounding areas – and would like to invite you to take part

More about the project . . .

The #LoveTo photo project aims to profile the everyday artist, and consists of a #LoveTo digital gallery on Flickr that features individuals and groups that ‘get creative’ for the love of it. The aim of this gallery is to:

  • Illustrate the wide variety of creative activity that takes place in communities across the country
  • Showcase the different types of people that take part in creative activity
  • Share the positive benefits that creative participation can bring
  • Demonstrate the value of cultural groups to funders and policy makers in a visual way

As part of Voluntary Arts Week 2016 (6-15 May) – an annual festival that celebrates creative participation and profiles the cultural groups that bring creativity to communities across the country, Glenrothes Camera Club will bring together a #LoveTo photography exhibition in the Kingdom Shopping Centre.

The Glenrothes #Loveto photo exhibition will feature photographs of cultural groups that meet in Glenrothes and the surrounding areas, from knitting clubs and music groups to amateur dramatic clubs and heritage societies, to profile the wide range of groups that meet locally and share some information about them.

Once all photographs have been taken, Glenrothes Camera Club will then curate an exhibition to be displayed in the Kingdom Shopping Centre for the duration of Voluntary Arts Week (6-15 May). An interpretation panel will be positioned next to each photograph which will provide more information on your group and details of any upcoming performances or meetings that you would like to invite people along to.

How your group can get involved . . .

Glenrothes Camera Club are now looking for cultural groups to feature in the exhibition and are keen to hear from groups that would like to participate.

Taking part would involve having a group portrait taken by a member of Glenrothes Camera Club, with your usual meeting/rehearsal space as the backdrop. We are also keen to bring together a series of individual ‘double portraits’ that would consist of a photo of someone at work and a photo of their creative side to be displayed alongside each other i.e. Dentist by day / member of an orchestra by night, Plasterer / amateur potter, Policeman / coordinator of local knitting group.

If you would like to get involved as a group and/or have a suggestion for the ‘double portrait’, please email Cassandra as soon as possible to express your interest in taking part at or ring 0131 561 7333. Please include:

Group name and contact details (email and phone)
Group address – your usual meeting place (with postcode)
Link to a website or Facebook page if you have one
A preferred time/date for the photo shoot – this might tie in with your next meeting/rehearsal

Once we have heard from you, we will pass your details on to Glenrothes Camera Club who will be in touch to arrange the photoshoot.

What taking part could do for your group . . .

Taking part in the Glenrothes #LoveTo photo exhibition is a great way to:

Raise the profile of your group locally – there will be an exhibition opening and lots of footfall, which will help flag-up your group to local people that might be interested in joining or attending your events. We will also be working with local press and media to shout about the event and the groups involved.

Invite new people to join you – Voluntary Arts Week encourages people to discover the creative groups that meet on their doorstep, and taking part in the #LoveTo photo project is a great way to link in with the week. You could also take this opportunity to put on a special ‘come and try’ event sometime during 6-15 May) that you can list on the Voluntary Arts Week website and publicise as part on the exhibition – we will have a ‘what’s on’ notice board that you can use.

Get a great photo of your group – that we will send you after the exhibition to use on your own publicity (with a credit to the photographer).

Meet other groups – taking part is also a great opportunity to meet other groups working locally.

Useful links

Voluntary Arts Scotland –
Voluntary Arts Week –
Glenrothes Camera Club –
Fife Cultural Trust –

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this project further, please contact Cassandra at or call 0131 5617333.
Mick Strefford